Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mahon Point

Went to Mahon Point this morning at around 10.30 - even at that hour it was beginning to get full. We got coffee - plain black coffee in BBs isn't bad at all - and a minute later there was a massive queue for it. I'm sure mananagement will be happy to see that people were spending - there were plenty of shopping bags around. I noticed Debenhams had a 10% off sale - thats the third of fourth they've had over the last few weeks. Last week they had a 20% off day and a couple of weeks previously they had a 20% off weekend or something like that. I wonder are their sales very slow in MP or is it a chain-wide promotion ? Interesting site outside Debenhams was a small plane advertsing a local flying school - it immediately drew the boys attention. It would be something I would like to do sometime. Maybe for the big 40. The Barfleur is due into Cork sometime this evening from Cherbourg in an interesting attempt by a freight-company to drum up business (or help out) out of the Irish Ferries dispute. I think its the first time a Brittany Ferries vessel has been here in December and I also think it might be the Barfleur's first visit to Cork. Who knows it might become a regular thing - I'm sure the Port could do with the business.

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