Monday, December 26, 2005

Tesco Ireland ignore Data Protection Duties

Tesco really brown me off. On 11 October I made a request to them for my personal information using this template from the Data Protection Office. The required 40 day response period came and went so I made a formal complaint to the Data Protection Office and I'm still waiting for my information 76 days later ! It shows a few things really - Tesco are too arrogant to bother complying with legislation (look at their unweighed fruit and improperly tagged shelving) and the Data Protection Office is too toothless to enforce it. Here is an article in the Guardian about Tesco and their data-mining. The Data Protection Office and Comreg really fouled up as well in relation to the opt-out feature of the National Directory Database - they publicised the fact that you could register not to receive spamming phone calls. However they failed to publicise the fact that for around a month any requests made were not acted upon and affected customers had to re-register their preferences. Its becoming obvious that the so-called consumer champions are nothing but a fig-leaf and the legislation is framed for the Industry's benefit and not for ours..


  1. I have had two emails saying matters are being looked into. However these were in response to my emails asking what was happening with my complaint... a bit shoddy really.

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