Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cork airport mornings

Its a lovely morning - frost and clear skies. I'm up at the airport waiting for my flight to Gatwick. After Gatwick I'm on a train to Portsmouth and getting a ferry to Caen.

This evening is the last full return sailing of the Val de Loire with Brittany Ferries. Cork people may remember the Val when it did the cork - Roscoff route in the years prior to the arrival of the Pont Aven in 2004.

So I'm having dinner on board which is a first as we usually eat in the self-service. It will be a quick turnaround in Caen and back to Portsmouth where I will have a lot of time befor heading back to gatwick . Ill either visit the submarine museum or head to the Isle of Wight depending on the weather which is forecasted to be wet.

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