Saturday, February 11, 2006

Speed Traps

On the way to the creche to collect No. 2 son at lunchtime I noticed that the guards were setting up their traditional "fish in the barrel" speedtrap at the Bloomfield Interchange where the Carrigaline Road meets the Rochestown Slip and then splits east and west. Coming back I saw that the boys had stopped two cars - all in the 10 minutes or so since they started. This browns me off a bit. In September No.2 son will start school in Boreenmanna Road. For the two years the school has been there the Corpo have refused to put up "Caution children" signs. And many is the day that No. 1 son and I were nearly knocked down trying to cross what is supposed to be a 50KPH road. In fact on one day cars had stopped to let us cross and some moron in his white van decided to overtake the cars .... Are the Guards ever on Boreenmanna Road at lunchtime ? No. The last time I saw them there was on a sunny Saturday morning at 8.30 So rather than put speed traps near schools where they might catch langers driving dangerously they prefer to put them on dual-carriageways where they can be sure of a nice easy result....

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  1. I drive home on Boreenmanna Road everyday and I have only seen Gardai there once at evening rush hour. It's nigh on impossible to keep to 50kph on that road because people come flying up behind you as it's such a wide road and has a good surface.

    Checkpoints seem to be set up only where the most traffic is, which are generally the roads with the best surface and design. Driving on some of the country roads, where there is a lot of traffic, is a bit manic with people flying along with no chance of getting caught speeding. All drivers should feel that there is a decent chance that there will be a Garda checkpoint on the road on their daily travels for any difference to be made.