Thursday, February 09, 2006


Just back from "Munich" in Mahon Point. Its a long film and deals as everyone knows with the aftermath of the hostage crisis at the 72 Olympics.

Avner is the man chosen to lead a team of 5 whose job is to seek out the Palestinian masterminds behind the atrocities. For most of the film is was your basic smart Israelis kill stupid bad guys but overlaid with a sort of "this is for the right reason" veneer. Whenever there was a firefight it seemed Avners guys couldn't loose.

Up to here its a case of terror being reprised with terror and you wonder will it ever end. Then Avner begins to think the same way especially when his guys start to get assasinated. And it ends up with him going back to Israel , getting sweet all thanks and then he legs it to the good ole USA where the missus and his daughter - who he has never seen - are waiting.

The psychological effects on him are shown to be hard and whe he questions the sense of it all with the dead bring replaced, his control says "I cut my fingernails and they grow back".

It ends up with a pan of the New York skyline and this being 1973 the world trade center is visible and the onscreen text says that "nine of the eleven Palestinians.." and it may be my imagination but those two numbers seemed to stand out.

I had high hopes for the film but in truth I got bored in parts as it seemed to be formulaic and I wonder if some of the races reviews were influenced by the subject matter rather than the film itself.

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