Sunday, February 12, 2006

Vodafone MMS to email

I use Vodafones MMS service to send pictures to Flickr and then this blog. It's not infrequent for the service to not work very well on a Sunday - it'll try and send and take yer money but the message may never arrive. The normal MMS to a phone number works fine but the MMS to email is dodgy. It's a pain because you can't be sure the message arrives and VF are the only ones who offer MMS roaming.


  1. Hi Des,

    I also use Vodafone MMS to send my photos via Flickr to my blog, but I get very frustrated at the fact that the MMS service in Dublin only seems to work about 1/2 the time and frequently not at all on the weekends.

    Last week I was searching around Flickr and found that I could use LifeBlog for my Nokia phone and it would post to my blog via Flickr.

    I have run a test the last few days: I send the same photo to Flickr by MMS with no text and then using LifeBlog on the phone to Flickr with text and title. The MMS's have failed all weekend, and the LifeBlog posts are working. The best part is that LifeBlog is not taking too much package data.

    p.s. Found your blog via PotB.

  2. Thanks for the info - I was away over the last few days and every message sent prefectly no matter what network I was on. I'll keep the lifeblog software in mind if I ever get a nokia.