Friday, December 22, 2006

Bonjour for Windows or How to use wireless printing in a mixed OS X and XP environment.

At home I have an Intel iMac , a Dell PC and an IBM laptop. Up to recently the printer has been connected to the iMac. During the recent Apple sale I bought a second Airport Express to use as a wireless print server. I set it up and the Mac dealt with it happily. The instructions to setup the XP devices were extensive and involved creating ports and adding IP addreses and generally not working. So I then discovered an Apple download called Bonjour for Windows - this installs quickly without a restart and within a few clicks will detect and install your remote wireless printer being shared through OS X. It works a treat and I was printing in less than a minute. I don't know why Apple don't suggest this in their instructions rather than the long drawn-out rigamarole they expect people go through...

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