Sunday, December 31, 2006

High Winds in Cork Airport

High Winds in Cork Airport
Originally uploaded by despod.
High Winds in Cork Airport this afternoon. This British Midland

flight made it down (in a rocky fashion) but the Ryanair before it

had to abort and try again.


  1. Hi Des,

    That was me with the Canon SLR and telephoto standing next to ya when you took the photo. Didn't know you at all, must watch out for the next day.
    I've a photo of it on my photogallery at - take a look...

    Happy New Year,

    Aidan Frost

  2. Hello Aidan,

    It was fairly wild up there.

    After that shameless bit of self-promotion I better put in a link which shows the plane tipping over to the other side !

    Link to Picture

    Happy New Year to yourself and Kieran.