Wednesday, December 13, 2006

SIMI says enough is enough !

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry has a note on its webpage saying: "We’ve tried reasoning, cajoling and pleading, all only to implement the law and protect legitimate businesses from the Black Economy. We are being ignored and our businesses are suffering. We’re all compliant and we get no appreciation or thanks, while the black economy is thriving and the VRT system on used imports is out of control. We are pleased that the Minister for Transport, Martin Cullen TD has said that he will ban roadside car sales and is checking out the legal options. This would be great but we would still have a problem with the black economy selling from their homes and the lack of control on used imports....... " Hmm. Is that so. Have a look at the Revenue site and look at the defaulters list for Sepember 2006 - check how many Car-related enterprises are listed. Quite a few. Wasn't that long ago when the Competition Authority were checking them out

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