Tuesday, October 30, 2007


We went to Berlin today. Over an hour late due to an Aer Lingus technical failure which is probably shorthand for someone being late for work.

Arrived into Berlin Schönefeld and made our way to the station which has to be the most tourist unfriendly place ever with extemely poor signposting of platforms and no staff.

We bought the welcome card which works out grand if you've an entourage with you buy its a devil to find the book of vouchers as you need to go to a manned ticket office and they are few and far between even Potsdamer Platz doesn't seem to have one.

Weather is misty and gray as forecast and the Aer Lingus fry is as tasty as ever !

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  1. Keep us updated... I'm going to Berlin next week and have no idea what to expect from the place or what cool stuff to do/see.