Monday, October 22, 2007

Cork Airport - A Rant

It was raining in Cork this morning. Not unsurprising for a normal October day (other than this year). I was flying up to Dublin with Aer Arann. Gate 1 in the Terminal and Stand 2 for the plane. For thos that don't know - to get to Stand 2 you leave the new terminal and turn left. You go past the bagage handling equipment. You go past Stand 6. You go past more equipment. You reach the "Old Terminal". You pass by the doors into the Old Terminal. You pass by the Departure Gates of the old terminal. You pass by the Control tower and there just at the far end of the Fire Station is Stand 2. A grand walk out in the open on a summers day but a right pain when it's raining. The Cork Airport Authority can't be bothered to have an old bus on duty to ferry passengers probably because their honchos get driven directly to a plane if they are travelling. They must get chauffeur driven because they have never driven in around the Short-Term carpark. It has unclear road markings and unlike most other Multi-storey carparks it doesn't have roof level yellow signage to guide you. Add to the machine that is permanently out of order, the one that is permanently stuck on exact change and the one that doesn't give receipts and you can see that they really do take care of the place. Kudos to Aer Arann for their policy of accomodating you on an earlier flight without charge and "Well Wear" on their shiny new ATR72 which is a breath of fresh air and also supposedly emits less CO2..


  1. I've never seen an airport go so far downhill so fast

  2. Now I have to blog about my getting locked into the carpark story!

    They got one thing right - the new building, and everything else wrong.

  3. Hmm.. I await further details !

    Maybe the Sandras will join in..