Friday, October 19, 2007

John West Seared Tuna Fillets

I bought these in Dunnes tonight. They were 3.49 before a 1 euro coupon. They were rubbish. Pure rubbish and went into the bin. They tasted like tinned tuna that had been re-heated. Of course the instructions for these fillets was to reheat them. I can't find an address for John West - they were bought out by Heinz but were then bought out by lehman brothers but nary a website can be found and strangely the packaging is devoid of any web or email addresses. In short I recommend that folk AVOID the John West Seared Tuna Fillets range - you can indetify them by their small vacuum packed size.. All in all a waste of money - anyone who knows me will realise that I dump food with great reluctance...


  1. very true seared tuna..... the picture shows seared tuna the packet is so dry ..... tinned tuna indeed

  2. here is their addy from ireland both e-mail and snail mail (