Friday, February 13, 2009

Komplett & WEEE - be very careful.

Be very careful of Komplett as they do not seem to like having to comply with WEEE or indeed do what they promise to do: I ordered a TV from Komplett. It has been delivered. I emailed them to arrange collection of the old one as stated : "Please contact us when the delivery of your WEEE item has been delivered (within 15 days), so we can arrange a collection of the WEEE item" I received the following response: "We do not offer a collection service for old TV's , only a drop off service." This was followed by: "Sorry we don't do a pick up service as such, but if you sent the old TV back to us along with the postage receipts and bank details , ie the account number and sort code we can refund you the costs." So the WEEE obligation is suddenly foisted on me whilst their webpage says they'll collect. It's not acceptable that I have to arrange for a massive TV (crt - old tech) to be shipped to Komplett at my expense, then wait for a refund which may take yonks to arrive.

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  1. I don't know if it was the WEEE coming before it but in my mind I read the "be very careful" part in the voice of Elmer Fudd: "be vewy cwaful".

    Returns is the one thing I dread about buying from online retailers. I've recently suffered some pain in this area when returning damaged goods. UPS decided to take a sledgehammer to a keyboard I bought online in November. Due to various problems, the replacement was only sent today :( hmmm I guess that should be a :)