Friday, November 11, 2005

Blogger / Blogspot and spam

Having a bit of a pain in the neck at the moment because Blogger have marked this blog as spam and I have to manually approve all of my posts by logging in and enetering those funny verification codes. That would be all well and good but I usually post by email and I was wondering why posts weren't showing up when I was testing a new cameraphone. Their help files were rubbish and it took a trawl of another forum which pointed back to Bloggers own blog and an onscure entry about how to resolve verification issues. Putting this fairly high in their help files especially in the "post via email" section would have been a great help. Anyways the upshot is that I have to wait for a human to review the blog and accept that its not an automated splog but rather a genuine site. I hope its done before tuesday when I go to Paris..

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