Friday, November 25, 2005

Cobh panorama

Cobh panorama
Originally uploaded by despod.


  1. Cobh is a nice place. Happened to be
    down that neck of the woods a few
    weeks back. Was a nice place to chill out for an hour even though the
    weather was dreary.
    Charming middle aged guy playing
    a battery powered organ/electric
    piano - wasn't a virtuoso by any
    means but he added to the atmosphere
    of the place.

    kitsch in a nice way.


  2. Do you ever see Eddie English around Cobh? - I remember he used to run a sailing school and had a few Hobie Cats ! - now that's some sailing boat - think he keeps the cats around the Lifeboat centre in Cobh? - are they still there?

  3. Eddie is still around - a few friends and I investigated hiring a a boat during the summer but it was a bit on the dear side.. he's up around the Town Hall..