Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beware of Three !

I decided to purchase the 3 Internet bundle which consisted of a skypephone and broadband dongle. The phone comes with 120 credit but of this only 5euro is available immediately (though this isn't mentioned on the product page). What is promised is "You also get €120 free credit so you can start texting and chatting to your mates straight away" (their bold text). The Dongle comes with 100MB data allowance out of the box. However this allowance is only valid for a month. I feel that this is disgraceful and the allowance should be longer lasting or at the very least this should be clearly mentioned on the relevant page. It's browning me off a bit as I had planned for the dongle to be a backup unit for the odd time when out and about (and also as a handy way of uploading files to shozu from my N95). Next decision is to whether or not the whole kit and caboodle goes back to Three....


  1. If its mobile broadband you want, heres what you do. Throw back all that crap you got. Find yourself an old 3G mobile phone that will work with 3 sim cards and that can be used as a modem when connected to a computer. Get yourself a 3 sim pack (3 only started selling these things recently) for a tenner. If youre lucky, so far you've had the phone and only spent a tenner. Now get yourself some credit (youll get €120 off 3 when you keep topping up). Go to the my3 page on your phone... select and buy the "mobile broadband" add-on for a month. This will cost you €10 for a gig of bandwidth (its actually down as fair usage). Now connect your phone to your laptop and bobs your micky, you have mobile broadband. The only snag is that some sites, like porn sites and Gavins Blog (wtf???) are blocked but you can do 95% of anything you want with it, and for cheap. Plus when you top up you get free skype calls on your mobile for a month too.

    But does it actually work I hear you ask... well, I left this comment using my laptop connected to my phone over the 3 network using my €10 mobile broadband add-on for the month... so yes, yes it does. Hope you found this useful.

  2. thanks Gamma - that's what I'll do. I've tried out the data sim and it works fine for shozu.

  3. Des,

    Jen from ShoZu here. Not sure it is helpful, but as a handy tip, ShoZu can be set to upload only in Wi-Fi so you can upload and avoid carrier charges all together. If there is anything we, ShoZu can help with- give a shout!


  4. Thanks Jen,

    I usually manually set Shozu to use the cellular network when I'm away and have a batch of pics to upload (to make it worth my while).

    Thanks for the info - it's a pity Three don't care as much.