Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sitting in Cafe Martinelli about to have a mocha in cold dry Budapest.

Interesting city - modern buildings and restored buildings jostle with ramshackle buildings that haven't been looked after since Communist days.

Modern trams run beside ancient tarta trams and rusty metro trains run through refurbished stations.

Marks and Spencer is near Saturn. Tesco, Cora and Auchan fight it out for business.

Seatbelts don't seem to be used. Drivers seem mad. Traffic police patrol tram junctions in the morning (an idea for Dublin maybe ?). Its like home with the poor information at tram/bus stops.

Prices ? Beer last night was around 3.50 for half a litre. Tram tickets are just over 1euro and just like home if you change tram or bus you have to buy a new one. This mocha is around 2.10 and is waiter service. I am told that ciggies are around half-price. Electronics are much the same as home.
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