Friday, November 28, 2008

Traffic Corps -a good news story.

I drove up to Newbridge this morning and it was a pleasant day for driving. I drove down this afternoon and it was still a pleasant day and the new stretches of motorway make a vast difference to the trip. When I was about 5 miles or so outside Littleton (Dublin side) a Nissan X-Trail in front of me (which had thrown a few wobblers near Portlaoise) decided to overtake the truck in front which was doing around 90km/h. This manoeuvre was prompted by the big sign saying "NO OVERTAKING", the pictogram saying no-overtaking and a double continuous white line. However that didn't deter our brave 07-TS X-Trail and off he went down the wrong side of the road on the other side of the Ghost island and through the junction. He narrowly missed an oncoming car (a micra) and pulled back to his own side. Next minute - sirens in my ears as a Traffic Corps car pulls out from behind me and off in pursuit. A few minutes later we passed them just about to have a chat with Mr X-Trail. We all slag them off for shooting fish in the proverbial barrel but it's good to see that they do tackle sheer dangerous driving as well. So a buala bos for the traffic corps.

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