Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Buck palace

I decided to drop in on lizzie but she was out playing queen so I ended up sitting outside having my tea which was a slice of rabbit pie from selfridges. Feels abut strange looking across st a building which for so long held a large and ominous part in our history. Its swarming with police and men in redcoats and funny furry hats.

Loads of tourists around with the obligatory sprinkling of Japanese with the latest thumb sized digital carmera.

Went to the apple store earlier just to drool and boy to buy. Wow the nano is really small and so thin that you'd feel worried that you would break it. Its a real shirt pocket player and light as the proverbial feather. The place was full of black clad Steve jobs acolytes and wannabees. But also it was a good chance to test the kit including sound systems. Be a nice addition to cork !

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