Friday, September 16, 2005

Fota Wildlife Park.

As can be seen from the photos we went to Fota ( )today. Not a whole lot of people there at all which was great as the children could be let run wild without fear of losing them. It's handy having the annual pass as it makes the decision to visit easier.

Fota have changed their catering facilities this year and have trumpeted this at every opportunity but to be honest it looked much the same and was a bit unwelcoming. It was hard to tell if hotfood was actually available to order or just around on weekends. They did have a decent range of sandwiches though but why does everything have to include chicken ? It seems to be well nigh impossible to get sandwiches with a meat other than chicken. Their ham sandwiches looked a bit like the ones we all remember from our pre-Celtic Tiger childhood.

Still Fota is a great place for the children - fresh air and exercise and the chance to learn new things and ask questions.

Daniel Liebeskind has an installation in neighbouring Fota House which I meant to go and see but well it passed out of my mind..

Coming back home we noticed two small French Navy ships (nice to see that other navy's have ships even smaller than ours) docked at the Custom House Quays. One is called the Panther but didn't catch the other name. They are "twins" and the second one has a massive Irish tricolour draped along the stern - they must have forgotten the small courtesy flag. That's another nice thing about Cork - the quays come up into the town so visiting ships are easily seen and add a "continental touch ;-)". It would be nice if they got the Tall Ships back again.

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