Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Sitting here in Cork airport its quite nice looking out at the morning sun striking the pale fuselage of the parked jets. Makes a change from the son waking me up in the morning.

The airport is quite busy and you can see the need for the new terminal which is beginning to near completion and looks very impressive though I'm sure O'Leary probably thinks its too posh having toilets and seats and all that.

Not that I'm a Ryanair basher any more. It has done great job of opening up travel and giving people expectations of cheap fares. It has shown that people don't mind rural airports ( which may often be more convenient for your final destination ) and that they don't mind having few frills. Strangely though, and this shows human nature , they haven't yet managed to fully deal with the contradiction of people wanting to pay no-frills fares but have full-service customer care eg no charge to change bookings, get out on other flights if you're late etc. I suppose that is the human condition to want everything whilst paying for nothing.

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