Monday, September 12, 2005

More on PSP

The PSP is a dinger. The large screen makes it very much a viable personal viewing device. One of the games I have is Midnight Racers - it is excellent - one of the feew racing games that I have "clicked" with - the graphics are excellent (at the cost of longish load times) and the controls seem to work just right. Quite a few times I have found myself ducking and diving to get the car around a corner. It has an excellent cruise mode where you can explore the city without having to participate in any races.

Mercury is another game - it basically (!!) involves manoeuvring a blob of mercury around the palce. The mercury can be made to split or change colour (or even recombine) depending on what has to be done. Really its a game that has to be played to fully understand.

Herself got "Untold Legends" which is a role playing type game and finds it excellent if not a little bit addictive !

Battery life watching videos is good.

Useful site is - you can download content directly to your psp.


  1. stop making me jealous!!!


  2. I thought these PSP's were supposedly hard to get hold of in the shops? I went in looking for iPod nano's with none to be found but saw PSP's in pretty much every electronic shop.

    Almost bought one spontaneously, but then thought better of it..but I'll keep looking for a nano..!

    Good to hear your enjoying the PSP though!