Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tesco Mahon Point - or - how not to run a shop.

Tesco's latest 24hr store in Mahon point has been open for a good few months now but is plagued with problems and inefficiencies. Tonight they hadn't any milk as their fridge was "getting warm". This has happened before . It is not uncommon to go in on a Sunday and find that they are out of bananas (Yes we have no bananas) or even spuds (!!).

Their management team is invisible - actually I'm wrong - I saw the manager one day sitting on someone elses car in the Parent & Child parking and having a fag. Their wine section is hopelessly organised with no attempt to put - for example - Eastern European bottles in the section that is labelled "Eastern European". You can find French bottles in the New World section - it's hopeless. Their shelf edge labelling can be downright misleading and they still hate to give you the proper price-per-kg or price-per-unit measurements.

Their other joke is the sign that says that if there is someone in front of you they will open another checkout - yeah right. I was there on a few evenings when the place was heaving and 2/3 of the checkouts were closed..

Why do I go there if I know I'll never be able to get anything ? It's convenient to work/creche and so easy to just swing in. Its easy to swing back out as well when you realise that they don't have what you want.

Sometimes it appears that you can't beat Dunnes and you wonder how Tesco can be so large or is it just their Irish stores that they mismanage (Douglas once ran out of nappies !!) ?

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  1. i think it is just their irish stores that they mismanage because here at their cheltenham store they are always tidy,efficient and uncluttered.