Tuesday, October 10, 2006

AIB - Press Releases

Years ago I had an AIB creditcard which has since been closed. Back in August I got a letter from them telling me that they had falsely debited interest from me and I was due a refund. The refund was 7cents and they wanted a bank account number in which they could pay it. Being an awkward so-and-so I wrote back (using their freepost envelope) and asked them for a cheque. I forgot about it all until I read the article linked below and was amazed that they weren't going to take any disciplinary action. I rang them (freephone) to remind them that they owed me money and got a bit of a runaround. I eventually got some Customer Care bod and explained that I knew they were probably busy doing refunds (after all 60 million is a lot of money to have to give back) but they had promised the money before august. Today I got the cheque. It probably cost 20 times its value to print and mail it but what the heck. A petty victory in the little guys battle against the bank ! AIB - Press Releases

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  1. Not so much petty as moral victory. Nice one.