Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mahon Point and Ignorant drivers and - of course - Tesco.

For my sins we went to Mahon Point this afternoon. Drove up from the South Ring and went into the correct lane as usual. Needlezss to say this being a busy Sunday a number of people decided that they would not be bothered joining the queue but instead would try and force their way in. This being Ireland there were enough morons around to willingly allow these ignorami in front of them.

So Mr. Liam Power Electrical van driver - thanks for skipping the queue. So Mr. 06 C Silver Skoda Octavia driven by a grey haired geezer thanks for skipping the queue and indeed holding up traffic as well. And a quick hello to the LS regged corolla hatchback.

On the way out we nipped into Tesco to get milk. It being Sunday this dreariest hole of a Tesco didn't have any Tesco milk and indeed sweet all of other brands. The shelves were generally barren and reminiscent of shops in Communist countries. Why can this supposedly successful company not succeed in having fully stocked shelves ? Why are managers never around (in comparison to Dunnes) ?


  1. Yeah you tell them man, get the brits out! We dont need none of their sticken supermarkets! And that Liam Power bollocks, lets go around to his house and slaughter his family! Come on, we can steal the skoda off the old badger to get to his house with.

    Is a lack of milk and 3 cars getting ahead of you worth genocidal murder? Damn right it is! :)

  2. Hey these are the things that push a man over the edge...

  3. noticed that alot myself lately. Some time ago I decided to go down the route of being an utter bastard and not letting anyone in when on that road. It works. People think they can constantly force their way in, sticking like glue to the ass of the car in front of you as the traffic slowly rolls on is a surefire way of keeping them in their chosen lane. Dirty queue skipping scumbags! That reminds me, need some milk.

  4. Ouch. Despite working at home I've had to drive into town a few times and it's crazy! I find I'm a lot more intolerant of bad driving than I was before. Maybe it's just that there are more bad drivers on the road these days?

    We're off to Mahon Point some time during the week, in the middle of the day, when it's quieter.

    Oh and Tesco shopping online is great! :)