Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Five go to Berlin

Well we had an early start this morning for our flight to Berlin. Comfortable Aer Lingus flight where the fry was much cheaper than the similar one on land in the airport.

A sure sign of the intended market were the Polish announcements.

Schönefeld is a smallish airport and we had to walk in the open air to the terminal building but the Dublin flight got to use an airbridge. Strangely they didn't give is the night immediately but left it out at the same time as the baggage.

Another 400m walk in the open air brought is to the station where to be honest sign posting was poor and easily missed - I was asked for directions by one couple.

Ride into Alex was quick - Ostkreuz looked like very little was done to it in the past 50 years. Also the station announcements were out of sync. Anyway we made it and then changed to U2 after a long walk. A few minutes later and we were at the hotel - Dorint Novotel Mitte - where we were able to check in early for a deserved rest.

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