Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apple and their followers

I use a Mac Mini at home and have an Ipod and the very useful Airport Express (airfoil is a must have additional piece of software) but yet I can't read articles such as this engadget one without wondering why does Apple seem to have such a fanboy following who even believe that having a box that is white _inside_ is copying something that "His Jobsness" first discovered. Zune unboxed on camera - Engadget


  1. You'll find wackos everywhere you look. Microsoft has them but their user base is so high that they're diluted due to the volume of conversation while the entire GNU movement is up there with Scientology on the wacko scale.

  2. Oh dear... have I encountered an anti-Apple bod...? I hope none of the zealots see your links or they'll bombard you with stuff...

    The Mini is nice. Its a bit weak to be honest(I was an early adopter) but it takes up way less space that the SFF I had before and that was the killer.

  3. I've no real problem with Apple products really, I just hate all the bullshit surrounding them.

    As a matter of interest, what advantages does the Mac Mini (or similar PC device) have over a laptop? Its not a loaded question; theres no sneaky business here; I just felt like getting your opinion :)

  4. Interesting question - up to recently cost was a factor in that laptops were all dearer than PCs.

    One advantage to a SFF PC is that you can upgrade parts eg dvd-drives are cheaper than the modular ones for laptops, larger faster disks, better graphics etc. Full sized keyboards are also handy !

    For me - I wanted a change and the mini was damn small and takes up very little space.