Monday, October 23, 2006

Damien Mulley V Thinkhouse PR

Over on is an article regarding Damien's complaint about an Irish PR company who he claims spammed him despite being asked not to. What's interesting in his letter to the Data Protection crew is the phrase: "I wish for the Data Protection Commissioner to investigate this and carry out a prosecution if needs be. I am willing to travel to Dublin, I am willing to make a written statement and I am willing to testify in Court if the need arises." What annoys me is that in order for a complaint to be made we the consumer have to include that phrase - I had to do the same when I complained about Smart pestering me by phone. This means that Joe Consumer has to go through hoops in order to stand up for their rights. Joe Consumer shouldn't have to make such a weighty declaration in order to stand up for themselves. Mr Big Spammer can hide behind his corporate shields (and go bankrupt and restart if necessary) but the consumer has to have a worry that the whole thing could go wrong and he'll be exposed to legal costs or whatever. Yet another example of our pathetic Data Protection laws being stacked against the consumer. Have a read of Damien's article anyway Damien Mulley � Blog Archive � Open Letter to Thinkhouse PR - As promised

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