Monday, August 29, 2005

Back to reality

We arrived in Ringaskiddy at around 10:30 and it was well after 11 when we got off - not surprising really when you consider the number of cars that had to get off. we were welcomed home by a docker giving us all the "thumbs up". Some unfortunate family on our deck had to be pushed off and another crowd visited the deck many times looking for their car.

Forgot to say that the only celebrity on board was John Bowman who stacked up his BMW530d in the wine supermarket in Roscoff (and he took the opportunity to have a few samples). We stopped there for chips - we prefer Red Cash as the place for the last few bottles as its French run and not an English outpost - and were surprised by the number of people who called in with empty boots ! Some people had kids and still had lightly laden boots ... the most surprising sight (which we had seen on the road to Morlaix on the outbound journey) was a buggy loaded on a boot lid rack on a volvo... the most dangerous had to be the Laois guy eating his fish and chips off his lap whilst driving out of the wine place and up to a roundabout - a nice safe way to end your holiday. Not.

Unloading the car went quickly enough and our wine tally shows that this year was better than either of the trips last year. Bag-in-box wine were our primary purchases this year - for a 3litre they ranged from around 7-12euro. Tesco have them for 22euro which shows how much they rip us off even though its not covered by the groceries order. The other massive saving was on filter coffee - Lavazza Mattino 4 x 250g packets cost 4.15 but a single 250g costs around 4.00 in Tesco.

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