Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fireworks etc

Went to the fireworks in St Briac lastnight. We sat on the rocks overlooking the small fort which was the launch area. They were excellent - much better than the city of culture ones and this was just from a small village. The highlight had to be the masice one with a corkscrew trail. The finale covered the fort with loads of small fireworks. The walk home by torchlight added to the adventure for diarmuid.

Today we drove to ikea in Nantes. Didn't take all that long seeing as it was dual carriageway . The place was mad busy. We bougt some lights and toys including a lovely cuddly dragon for Kevin. Lunch was in their restaurant - can't beay a menu enfant for €2 !!! And that included a small toy. I had some smoked reindeer and it was tasty but I had to deny that it was Rudolph !

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