Friday, August 12, 2005

An interesting thing happened on the way from the hippodrome

Tonigt - along with half the world - we went to the trotting races in Cabourg. It promised a big wheel which turned out to be small. It also had free coupons for rides and games but the queues made it impossible.

What was interesting was seeing the sport of sulkie racing - at home this sport is practiced on public roads at obscur times but here it was on its own track...

People were lining up to be almost as if everyone had a surefire yup which was guaranteed to win. The food stall had a great smell but a massive queue.

So off home we went safe in the knowledge that our fee tickets were well spent. Along the way thre were still hordes on the long walk in.

Coming back through Dives we came up to two squad cars with lights flashing. One policeman was walking towards his car but seemed to be looking at us with intent so I slowed down. He told me that I had my fog lamps on (which I did because I don't have beam benders so I didn't want to use my dipped beams) so withns sort of "oops" I turned off my fogs and put on my dips fully expecting to be reminded about my beam benders. But no, all I got was a thumbs up and a "merci monsieur".

Of course herself thinks all that happened was that he saw a Cork registration and was thinking how he didn't are many of them usually. And then gobdaw here goes off and stops !

After that all that was left was to pack the car....

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