Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sausages !

We went to Cap Frehel on Sunday - the weather was great and the views were brilliant. Unlike a few years ago the lighthouse was open so we could get elevated views. As usual a number of cars turned back when they saw the €2 for parking just like in Arromanches.

On the way home through Ploubalay we saw a roadside stand selling galettes saucisse so we stopped. They were excellent with really meaty, ungreasy sausages. Entertainment was provided by the local motorcycle Gendarmes who pulled some guy and have him a ticket. Seeing as they parked blocking our car we had to stay and watch.

Went to the grand aquarium in St Malo yesterday and as usual the boys had a great time. Also finished off the bulk of our wine shopin g in Carrefour where we got 2 packs of coffee for 6.98 but for buying it got 7.02 reduced off our bill !

Read an article in Ouest France which was discussing speed traps - 16% of those flashed were foreigners and only the Luxembergers will get fined as there aren't any arrangements with other countries. The article also have the speeds which apply -95 for a 90 zone and 117 for a 110.

Anyway now we're off to Dinard..

Oh and for any family reading this - Joe took a good few steps last night on the beach.

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