Thursday, August 18, 2005

You've been flashed !

On the way to St Malo today after crossing the Barrage De Rance I was flashed doing 68 in a 70 zone - now I'm wondering how this will turn out. The cars near me wee all doing under the limit as well thanks to the warning sign. It appears that the french use fixed cameras as safety devices rather than revenue generators - they are signposted and the ones I've seen are all at dangerous spots.

Later on diarmuid and I went for a walk around the headland and into St Briac - it took around two hours and I hope we will both sleep well after all the fresh air.

Oh - for anyone travelling to St Malo Cora has a wide range of bag in box wine, much better than any other year.

1 comment:

  1. hi des
    you wont get a fine,french police dont bother with foreign number plates,when we were on holiday we were parked in a dodgy place and each french car either side of us had been given a ticket,but we hadn't.

    hope you dont get fined